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JMR Lunna

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Tuned triangular line leading to a vent located on the front of the cabinet allowing a positioning close to the rear wall (40 cm minimum). Absence of internal parallel walls reducing the formation of standing waves and allowing the use of a minimum of absorbent material.
Tweeter installed in an insulated volume guaranteeing a total inertia and avoiding any mechanical-acoustic intermodulation with the woofer.
Cabinetry in 19 mm MDF assembled under press. Rounded vertical edges on the front avoiding edge effects, wide fillet on the top rear horizontal edge in line with the style of the current range.
Adhesive felt surrounding the loudspeakers to minimize early signal reflections on the cabinet and thus ensure better directivity control.


2 ½ ways,
6 – 12/12 dB/octave. Cut-off frequencies at 300 and 2800 Hz. Carefully selected audiophile quality components.


All new 13 cm manufactured under JMR specifications derived from the one used for the EUTERPE and the BLISS Jubilé. It uses a long fiber paper cone. The back of this optimized profile cone receives an absorbent treatment that improves its internal damping while retaining the universally recognized tonal qualities of the paper. It has a 30 mm coil on a ventilated aluminium support giving it a good power handling and a powerful and fast bass. Its core uses a copper ring to linearize its impedance and significantly reduce its harmonic distortion rate. Its rubber suspension receives an absorbent treatment on a portion of its profile in connection with the cone to improve its behavior in the full medium. It has an aluminum bowl whose profile perfectly clears the back of the cone. His speeder is ventilated.

Textile dome tweeter using a 25 mm coil and a neodymium magnet in a small chamber tuned for a low resonance frequency of 650 Hz. It has a very wide and particularly linear response curve, and its directionality is not very pronounced and very progressive off axis. It has an injected ABS front panel with a pavilion profile for better performance and optimal directivity. This tweeter offers a very nice dynamic range and a lot of detail without dryness or harshness, qualities that are essential to meet the musical specifications of a JMR speaker.


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