JMR Abscisse

JM Reynaud

JMR Abscisse

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With compact dimensions, it offers the performance of a large system, deploying a vast and perfectly architected sound image. She distils a very beautiful density of timbre, very nuanced and her spectral balance is remarkable.
It offers a very nice range in the extreme bass while remaining very dynamic and articulate. Its middle register is very open, clear, delicate, but also varied and very rich.
His treble is simply exceptional of naturalness, it goes very high without any acidity, crispness or aggressiveness. La soie des cordes, les diphtongues des voix sont reproduites avec une très grande précision, mais sans fausse lumière ou redondance. All transients and fine dynamics are reproduced with accuracy, nuance and a surprising serenity.
It responds perfectly to the demands of a music-loving public sensitive to the shimmer of the timbres, to the breathing and to the articulation of an interpretation.
Thanks to its exemplary linearity, its exact impulse response as well as a particularly fast and even damping time, ABSCISSE Jubilé has a great expressiveness without any harshness, providing hours of listening without the slightest weariness.
It fades away physically to make room for a very wide, very stable and deep sound stage. The details of a sound recording, the geometric proportions of an acoustic are read with ease, without false light, letting the backgrounds express themselves with great freedom. Its fast and particularly well articulated bass allows ABSCISSE Jubilé to be installed in any type of room, even small ones, with a constant and perfectly controlled energy.
It is resolutely modern in form and spirit, fast, transparent, reactive to the slightest request, without ever betraying the substance and richness of the complex sonorities of all music. Its exterior is very sculptural, anchored in its time and subtly modernized in this new Jubilee version.

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