Auditorium 23 Cinema Hommage

Auditorium 23

Auditorium 23 Cinema Hommage

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The transducer is driven by the compression chamber driver of the LM 555 by Line Magnetic, an excellent replica of the legendary Western Electric 555. For the extension of the high-range the LM 597 tweeter is used – also a replica of the historical original by Western Electric (in the image above the tweeter is not installed).

The horn for the »Cinema« manufactured by Uwe Meyer, Büro für Raumakustik, Wolfsburg, is formed from glued layers of spruce wood and connected to the LM 555 driver by a bronze adapter. The horn shown in the image was finished with walnut tree veneer. In its substruction it houses an acoustic line with a length of app. 1 meter. All visible wooden elements are manufactured with massive wood – the four sides of the cabinet as well as the acoustic line of the horn are covered with high-quality fabric.

This loudspeaker shows a partially active concept. Its bass cabinet contains two drivers of different crossover frequency and adjustable efficiency. The used power amplifier modules operate in A/B-switching. The complex power supply based on selenium rectifying with good adjustability as well as the power amplifier modules were exclusively produced for us by Acousticplan.

This speaker even supplies larger rooms easily. Its effortlessness conveys the feeling to be very close to the musical information even if they are reproduced at low levels e.g. in the evening. The level regulators of the bass modules are a more than helpful tool in this context. »Hommage Cinema« is manufactured in sophisticated handwork and on small-scale series.

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