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Hours: 12:00 - 9:00 Tuesdays, 10:00 - 6:00 Saturdays. All other days by appointment only.

News & Updates

LM 503-PA Mono amplifiers


The LM 503-PA mono block amplifiers. have arrived and are now available to audition. 24 W class A single ended with 4, 8,and 16 ohm taps. Based on the 845 tube has a vivid and powerful presentation. These amps are quite beautiful.

Hommage Ken & Spec RSA-M3 have arrived!!




The Hommage Ken has arrived and is now available for audition. This is the best single driver system I have heard! Come by for a listen and hear for yourself.  Also, the Spec RSA- M3 EX has altered my view on what is possible out of a solid state amp. Simply the most musical solid state amp I have ever heard at any price!


DSCF3334 copyComing Soon


All new Auditorium 23 Hommage Ken Loudspeaker is a collaboration between friends Keith Aschenbrenner and Ken Shindo.

The speaker cabinets internal ‘labyrinth construction’ was designed by Ken Shindo, and utilized here with his permission shortly before his passing. This collaboration, as well as knowledge acquired by Keith Aschenbrenner through years of successful speaker design, is distilled into this project.

The handsome cabinet is constructed of solid cherry wood and exudes a quality and craftsmanship as expected from Auditorium 23 Loudspeakers.

With a total height of 35 inches and 16 x 20 inches in width and depth. using the wonderful LM alnico 755 driver provides the ultimate in a single driver based speaker system.



Stereophile magazine just published a glowing review of the High-rez PonoPlayer in it’s April issue. It is a impressive review. Pick up a copy and see what they had to say. The PonoPlayer is in stock and available for audition. If you are considering a portable high-res system this should be on your short list.

New Hours


For the past 12 years I have been an appointment only dealer. This has worked out well for most people. However I have decided to open up regular retail hours on Saturday and Tuesday.

Saturday hours will be from 10 to 6 and Tuesday will be from 2 to 9 starting This Saturday February 28th.

Each week I will be featuring a different product. The week of the 28th will feature the new Line Magnetic 25B line level preamp. This preamp retails at $8000.00 and is one of the most musical preamps I have encountered. Stop by at your leisure on either Saturday or Tuesday.  and bring along a few records.