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News & Updates

Spin Party with Shindo and Aud23


On May the 5th. from 6 to 9 we will be listening to the magnificent Homage Cinema speakers by Auditorium 23. The front end will be the Well Tempered Labs Royal 400. All electronics will be Shindo. Seating is limited. Please rsvp to 216-375-1393. As usual refreshments will be served.

DeVore and Well Tempered Labs event

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The First Thursday event this last week proved to be a huge success! Both John DeVore and Mike Pranka gave informative presentations on the Gibbon X loudspeaker and the Well Tempered Labs Royale 400 turntable. The sound was quite “majestic” with amplification from VTL.  The VTL 5.5 preamp and MB-185 amps were used. Everyone enjoyed good music and good cheer. Thanks again to Mike and John for making a great evening.




DeVore and Well Tempered Labs

20160106_172338On April 7th from 6 to 9 pm John DeVore and Mike Pranka will be here for a night of music making and will present a seminar at 7:30.

It has been over 5 years since John was last here. The system will include amplification from VTL and the new Gibbon 10′s.

Mike Pranka whom is the distributor for Well Temperd Labs and Dynavector will be bringing The new Well Tempered Royale turntable in all its glory. If you followed  the Stereophile coverage of CES you will recognize this amazing turntable with it’s 16 inch tonearm.

As usual refreshments will be served.

We are honored to have John and Mike pay us a visit.

Please RSVP as seating will be limited.


“Spin Party”

On March the 3rd Thursday from 6 to 9 we will be having a s”spin party”. Bring along you favorite vinyl for a spin. The system will be one of the most affordable I can put together based around the new Wax Engine turntable with the Well Tempered Labs new mm cartridge. The phono stage is the new Well Tempered Labs TPP.  Speakers will be the Ryan 610 monitors and amplification will be a Line Magnetic integrated.

As usual refreshments will be served.

The Wax Engine Turntable and WTL TLC MM cartridge


The CONSONANCE WAX Engine is a quite remarkable new turntable. There are more sensible design features that are beneficial to analogue playback in this turntable than those costing several times more.

Main bearing & Spindle
If you must have a bearing then it better be a good one. The Wax Engine features a stepped stainless steel spindle that encapsulates a ceramic ball at the business end. This rides on a teflon pad and with a few drops of oil provides a low friction surface. The spindle is housed in a brass housing. The spindle is relatively “short” which results in a platter with a low centre of gravity and as a result, rotation is notably free and stable.

The DC motor is a high quality Mabuchi with a patented DC servo supply.

The tonearm is a “unipivot” design which is not unique and although have known advantages also have well recognised problems. Rather than a “needle” point commonly used, Wax Engine features a proprietary low friction brass bearing in the horizontal mode and “pre loaded stainless” in the vertical. The arm tube is aluminum, terminated in a low mass headshell, antiskate is achieved by a rod and rider weight. A remarkable achievement in a tonearm at this price level.

All mounted on an aluminium “T” section chassis with isolation feet. A serious attempt to give the recordings their best shot.

Priced at $995.00 it may be the best value in turntables I have seen. Includes a aluminum 9 inch tonearm. Paired up with the new Well Tempered Labs TLC moving magnet cartridge at $550.00 you will have a system that plays like it is a $5000.00.