A 'by appointment only' high-end audio dealership in Cleveland Ohio.

Located in Shaker Heights, just East of Cleveland in Northeast Ohio.
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News & Updates

Summer Demo Sale!

The summer demo sale is here. Many new items just listed and more to follow. All demo items are new with their remaining factory warranty. All used items do not come with any warranty unless specified.

New Product Arrivals

There are a number  of new products that have come in over the past few months. The Audio Research CD-6 cd/dac player. Audioquest’s newest Dragonfly dac. The Canalis Amerigo 2 loudspeaker. Line Magnetic’s 518 IA . This SET uses the 845 tube and has 22 watts per channel. Two new products from Rega, the Apollo-R cd player, and the RP-10 turntable. Pictures and full descriptions to follow.

CES Updates

Back from the CES in Las Vegas. New products arriving are the Shindo Partager preamp, Audio Research Ref 75 amplifier, Whestone in ear headphones. Also, Keith Monks has introduced a more affordable RCM called the Discovery one at $2995.00 for a fully automatic unit and $2495.00 for the manual version.

These products and more will be here soon!

Also check out our new ad in Stereophile starting in March.

New Product Arrivals

From Audio Research the full function SP-20 preamp. The Rega Illicit R integrated amp. Ayre KX-5 preamp and the Cannalis  Cambria loudspeaker.

Soon to arrive will be the Amazing Cinema Hommage from Auditorium 23


Richard Vandersteen at Don Better Audio

Come and welcome Richard Vandersteen on Nov. 14th this year as part of his fall tour. Hours are 7 to 9 pm. Call for reservations at 216-375-1393. Seating is limited. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Richard.