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News & Updates

Don Better Audio will be closed 2-20-18

I will be closed this Tuesday Feb. 20th.

Verdier La Platine Turntable

Just arrived is the stunning Verdier Plantine turntable. This French table may be new to you but its been available for years.

The La Platine uses the most rudimentary of scientific principles to minimize friction, the bane of civilization. To banish friction, the bottom half of the turntable’s platter is supplemented with a permanent magnet. This magnet is “supported” by another permanent magnet attached to the plinth, with the poles of both magnets facing each other. And as you know, like poles repel, exactly the same principle applied to those futuristic Magnet trains. Voilà!

A central spindle keeps the plinth and platter in alignment. The “levitation” platter ensures ultra smooth rotation. An external DC motor, mounted away from the turntables unit, turns the platter via a fine nylon thread (provided generously by the manufacturer). 

The table can mount 2 tonearms. I have it set up with the fabulous EMT tonearm and the equally amazing Sumile cartridge.


Don Better Audio will be closed Dec. 19th

I will be closed on Monday and Tuesday of this next week.

Aurender Music Servers and RAM Loudspeakers have arrived!

We are please to announce Aurender Music servers and RAM loudspeakers to our lineup.

The RAM speaker include 2 bookshelf speakers and the Studio 30 full range system.

Pictured is the full range Studio 30 in Burl Walnut.


Also the wonderful Aurender Music servers are now on display.

Shindo Cortese

The new Shindo Cortese has arrived and it is a stunner!! Sporting Psvane 300B tubes, this is the most musical SET stereo amp I’ve heard. Available for audition now!