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News & Updates

Closed Saturday October 3rd

I will be off the the RMAF this weekend so I will be closed this Saturday. See you next week!

Late summer update

Spec GMP 8000Fall is coming and there are new products arriving weekly here. We welcome Primare electronics. The first pieces are the I-32 integrated amp with media board and the R-32 phono stage.

From Rega come the RX-1. RX-3 and RX-5 loudspeakers. The RX-1 is a stand mount 2 way and the others are small floor standing speakers with side firing woofers. Quality of finish is much better than before. Priced to be affordable these are the best speakers ever from Rega. On the floor and ready to demo.

From Ayre is the long awaited Codex dac and headphone amp.

Nagra has introduced a new solid state 100 watt amp called the Classic amp.

Soon to be arriving is the Spec GMP – 8000 turntable system.

And finally a really cool accessory has come across my desk. The Flux Hi-fi Sonic electronic stylus cleaner. Quite amazing and safe. In Stock!!


Don Better Audio will be closed tomorrow 8-11

I will be closed Aug. 11

AQ NightHawk, Auralic Merek and Taurus

b81afb77_DSC_7281 (1)

The long awaited AQ NightHawk headphones have arrived and are in stock. If you are looking for a reasonably priced state of the art headphone you owe it to yourself to drop by for an audition.

Also the quite marvelous Auralic Taurus preamplifier and Merek mono amps are available for auditioning.

LM 503-PA Mono amplifiers


The LM 503-PA mono block amplifiers. have arrived and are now available to audition. 24 W class A single ended with 4, 8,and 16 ohm taps. Based on the 845 tube has a vivid and powerful presentation. These amps are quite beautiful.