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News & Updates

CES Updates

Back from the CES in Las Vegas. New products arriving are the Shindo Partager preamp, Audio Research Ref 75 amplifier, Whestone in ear headphones. Also, Keith Monks has introduced a more affordable RCM called the Discovery one at $2995.00 for a fully automatic unit and $2495.00 for the manual version.

These products and more will be here soon!

Also check out our new ad in Stereophile starting in March.

New Product Arrivals

From Audio Research the full function SP-20 preamp. The Rega Illicit R integrated amp. Ayre KX-5 preamp and the Cannalis  Cambria loudspeaker.

Soon to arrive will be the Amazing Cinema Hommage from Auditorium 23


Richard Vandersteen at Don Better Audio

Come and welcome Richard Vandersteen on Nov. 14th this year as part of his fall tour. Hours are 7 to 9 pm. Call for reservations at 216-375-1393. Seating is limited. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Richard.

Dynavector DRT XV-1t

Dynavector DRT XV-1t

I have been representing Dynavector cartridges for quite some time now. Most audiophiles know that this brand has been one of my favorites. So it should come as no surprise that when the distributor asked if I would like to hear the new flagship mc coil cartridge, I jumped at the opportunity.

The DRT XV-1t is expensive. At $9250.00 it is not the most expensive out there, but is arguably the best. This mc honors the music in a way I have never experinced before. It is quiet, articulate, resolute, etc…. simply the best I have ever heard! If your system is up to it, and you are looking for a statement cartridge, I suggest you come by for a demo!!

Naim Music Server System

Comprising of the Naim Uniti-Serve, the NDX music streamer and XP5-X2 power supply. The system by-passes all digital cables except for the ethernet connections between the units. The only analog cable is the interconnect between the system and preamp.
The sound is marvelous, detailed and very analog in it’s presentation.

This is simply the best digital I have heard!