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Equipped with "VELVET SOUND AK4497EQ DAC". Manufactured by Asahi Kasei Electronics.
SNR 128dB (THD+ N: -116dB) performance.
Maximum sampling rate /PCM 32Bit 384kHz.
DSD Native 256 format capable.
The USB connection has a ground-cut isolate circuit configuration that uses a LDO, ultra-low noise constant voltage IC, to eliminate noise inflow from a computer.
Produces dynamic, high-resolution sound.

The analog power supply part is equipped with Nichicon's electrolytic capacitor "Hibikiichi," which is newly developed for small-capacity source equipment, made exclusively for audio devices. Additionally, by rendering the power supply in a separate housing, and completely blocking noise from the transformer, the delicate sound quality and real life spatial expressions are realized.
The bottom structure, cultivated through developing our amplifiers, uses natural wood that produces amazing sound. The wood spikes use Hokkaido maple, Acer mono, and have a hybrid structure with hickory embedded in the center. The ground surface is spherical, and by supporting the whole cabinet with points, we have proudly created “the structure of the body that plays real music".

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