Leben RS-28CX


Leben RS-28CX

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RS-28CX from Leben is equipped with the CR type equalizer based on GE 12AT7 authorized by J.A.N. (Joint Army & Navy) standard of US Army, and can reproduce a very high quality and clear sound without adding any NFB. Some of the finest available high-end audio components were selected for the RS28C to keep the deflection of the RIAA curve below +/-0.3%. Of course, the phono equalizer is only one of the strengths of the RS28C. Another notable feature is a very strong output voltage created by the Dual-Triode Tube 6CG7 of General Electric(USA) used for the line stage. Leben further selected the best quality tubes out of these and constructed a powerful SRPP type amplification which can supply power amplifiers with a maximum 80V of clean output signal.

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