JM Reynaud Voce-grande

JM Reynaud

JM Reynaud Voce-grande

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This high-end passive loudspeaker brilliantly perpetuates JMR's tradition of presenting an extremely musical system in a compact design, with acoustic capabilities comparable to a floorstanding loudspeaker.

Heir to a long tradition of exceptional loudspeakers, the VOCEGRANDE in its turn respects music through its humility and transparency, creating the immediate feeling that "the loudspeaker has disappeared physically" to give way only to music. It builds a close and very strong bond between the listener and the performer, thanks to a rigorous respect for instruments, their tessitura, the spaces in which they blossom. It creates around it a sound space and structure of stunning reality, without ambiguities, embellishments, strains, or caricatures.

The process of creating an acoustic loudspeaker is above all scientific and technical, and often laborious; but sometimes it can be the occasion for a magical encounter... And this is the case with the VOCEGRANDE.

Aside from its sophisticated technology and very graphic appearance, this is the first time an object has moved me to such a point. Not only did my studies lead to a remarkable design, but it was the research itself that brought this wood and metal sculpture to life... It was the laws of elementary acoustics that dictated its proportions, its materials and its unique posture.

It is often said that a creator gives life to the objects he designs. With the VOCEGRANDE, not only have I revealed the soul of a speaker, I have also been able to give body to the impalpable.

This extraordinary speaker overwhelmed me from the very first moments I heard it, rewarding my obstinate ambition to reach ever further into the heart of the music. As I listen to it, I can't help but think of Claude Debussy's sentence:

"Beauty must be sensitive, it must give us immediate pleasure, it must impose itself or creep into us without any effort required to grasp it. »

The VOCEGRANDE pays tribute to the work of those who, from generation to generation, have worked to bring JMR creations to life.

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