JM Reynaud Jubilee-Bliss

JM Reynaud

JM Reynaud Jubilee-Bliss

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It takes over the loading principle developed for the Offrande Supreme, a setup implementing 4 coupled cavities with progressive damping leading to a frontal laminar vent port. This proprietary loading principle significantly improves the group delay time of the system.
Mechanical tensioning of the woofer thanks to a stainless-steel threaded rod (non-magnetic) passing through the cabinet from one side to the other, resting on the woofer breech and on the bottom of the cabinet. Tightening torque adjustment is performed using a high precision torque wrench to ensure a strictly identical tightening torque. This axial attachment of the woofer makes it possible to tense the walls of the cabinet and ensures mechanical forces uniformly distributed between the loudspeaker basket and the front baffle which dramatically improves the transient response of the system.


12dB / octave cells. Air coils, wound in 1.2mm diameter oxygen free pure copper cable, ensuring a dynamic without settling. Silver-armored capacitors sorted in pairs with a tolerance of 1%. Non-inductive wound resistors.
Cut-off frequency 2800 Hz. Wiring "in the air" to reduce insertion losses and using our HP1132 silver cable. The whole crossover network is assembled on a specific anti vibration support. It is positioned as far as possible from any magnetic and vibratory disturbance. Terminal block type WBT accepting any type of connection (fork, banana or bare cable) on aluminum plate.



Gaussian profile 170mm long fiber paper cone, coated on its inner side by an extremely effective absorbent material and use a Polypropylene soft dust cap. It has a 30mm voice coil on ventilated aluminum support, its aluminum frame perfectly clears the rear of the cone. Its speeder is also ventilated to allow a better cooling of the coil and thus significantly lower its distortion rate. It is equipped with a double magnet to increase the concentration of the magnetic flow on the voice coil. Its surrounding is made from a compound
mixing rubber and foam and adopts a progressive profile in order to obtain a very good restoring force in the extreme low while preserving the micro displacements necessary for the reproduction of the mediums.


This is none other than the one proudly sported by the CANTABILE JUBILEE. An impregnated silk dome tweeter with 28mm voice coil particularly performant. Its directional pattern is naturally very homogeneous. Its linearity is exemplary and its internal damping optimal. It is powered by a powerful neodymium magnet; its very low resonance frequency allows us a cutoff frequency at 2800hz in 12db / octave. It is fixed thanks to a specific soft glue to a front frame made of aluminum machined in the mass for a better mechanical reference and to further improve its directivity and its performance.


Thanks to a very low directivity it is not necessary to aim the loudspeaker to the listening point, pinch them very slightly in order to make the most of the system phase.

The spacing will be determined experimentally. It is theoretically ideal around 2m axis to axis but this distance can be reduced or increased depending the room size. In order to obtain a deep stereophonic image, keep the speakers away from the side and back walls from at least 40cm.

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