Jadis SE845 NEC mono amps


Jadis SE845 NEC mono amps

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The Ultimate Pure Class A Monoblocks
The Jadis 845NEC produces up to 40W per channel in pure class A. It works with an ECC83, an ECC82, two EL84 then two 845 tubes per channel. Its push / pull design allows it to offer twice as much power as the SE845 while keeping a detailed and musical sound. Each amplifier measures 27" x 12" x 12" and weighs 88 lbs.

Offering the most luxurious and involving reproduction of music from the 845 output tube, the 845NEC monoblock amplifiers will bring out the most from any 90+ db efficient, non-reactive loudspeaker available.

Transparency combined with effortless liquidity and dynamics are conveyed with an unmistakable emphasis of focus and space to render each and every musical experience as special.

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