Dynavector XX-2a cartridge


Dynavector XX-2a cartridge

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Alnico magnet and Flux Damping

Incorporating Alnico magnets with low magnetic resistance into the magnetic circuit, the XX-2A ensures minimal fluctuation in magnetic force during record playback. Compared to mainstream high-energy rare-earth magnets, such as samarium cobalt and neodymium boron, Alnico magnets contribute to a high signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) and excellent transient response. Additionally, patented Flux Damping technology stabilises magnetic flux within the air gap, ensuring consistent performance akin to higher-tier models.

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High Rigidity Magnetic Circuit

Crafted with stainless bolts securing the front and rear yokes along with the magnets, the XX-2A boasts a high-rigidity magnetic circuit. Skilled artisans meticulously adjust tightening torque during assembly, a process crucial for maintaining sound quality and ensuring optimal performance for each unit.

Low-Output MC Cartridge

With an output voltage of 0.28mV, the XX-2A conforms to the general level for MC cartridges, making it compatible with various amplifiers and transformers including the SUP-200. With a recommended load impedance of more than 30 ohms that ensures suitability for different load settings, including 47k ohms (phono stage input).


Featuring a compliance of 10mm/N and weighing 8.9g, the XX-2A cartridge is compatible with a wide range of tonearms, from light to medium mass. We recommend the use of a light weight headshell to optimise performance.

Solid Boron Cantilever

The XX-2A is equipped with a 6mm length solid boron cantilever, coupled with a PathFinder (PF) line contact stylus, creating a lightweight and rigid vibration system for enhanced playback accuracy.