J. C. Verdier Nouvelle  Platine


J. C. Verdier Nouvelle Platine

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The Verdier Nouvelle Platine takes the basic design and fundamental engineering principles from the ‘La Platine’, and offers similar sonic presentation in a lower-cost package. As with the La Platine, the Nouvelle Platine features a plinth supported by a damped ‘air suspension’ and can be easily levelled in use. Like its bigger brother, the Nouvelle also uses a totally separate motor drive assembly with its own base and housing to provide the best possible isolation from any motor noise. Drive can be provided through either a thread or rubber belt and the motor unit incorporates fine adjustment for perfect speed setting.

The platter is a very substantial 14kg and manufactured from alloy. With the Nouvelle Platine, the ‘bearing’ is based on an oil bath which, like the La Platine, eliminates the requirement for a mechanically-coupled bearing. An ingenious and revolutionary system maintains a constant pressure at the top of the axle. Two blades at a 90° angle spread the oil, maintaining a thick lubricating bath on which the whole weight of the platter can rest. In this way, reducing any rumble to effectively zero. Much of the rest of the central design is carried over from the La Platine and ensures that vanishingly small levels of noise reach the stylus and cartridge. The turntable can accommodate two tone arms and is supplied complete with two armboards, one pre-cut to suit SME-mount arms and the other ready to be cut for alternative mounts

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