Sumile Nobala Step up Transformer


Sumile Nobala Step up Transformer

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NOBALA is an MC transformer for use with a low-impedance MC cartridge. It performs best in combination with an MC cartridge having an impedance of 5Ω or less.

Both MC transformers and head-amps are very important devices that amplify the weak signals sent from an MC cartridge. We strongly recommend using an MC transformer rather than a head-amp. The reasons include its electrical advantages, such as low noise (being an amplifier, the head-amp includes an amplifier component, which has an inevitable impact on the accompanying noise levels), and the fact that MC cartridge signals are received not as voltages but as electrical power. However, the most important reason is the impression of auditory sensation they produce: MC transformers, which do not require an amplifier component (or feedback circuit), produce a clean sound. However, there is a considerably important precondition. If an MC transformer is strongly biased, coloration of the tone occurs. Therefore, a high-quality an unbiased MC transformer must be used. Herein, we proceeded with the development of NOBALA based on this concept.

Concerning the enclosure
The enclosure is the most important part of an MC transformer as it protects the transformer from noises. NOBALA uses a three-layer metal plate to protect the transformer. The transformer is covered with an aluminum plate. Its outside is covered with a 2-mm-thick pure copper plate, and it is further enclosed in a machined aluminum case.

Concerning the parts used
We selected CARDAS terminals (developed in USA) for the input/output terminals through which the weak signals pass. The main body of the transformer and the earth terminal are made in Japan. In addition to the chassis, all processes, including machining and assembling, for NOBALA are conducted in Japan.

Control of chassis vibration using damping materials
Damping materials are employed both inside the chassis and on the legs to suppress the sound (ringing) caused by the characteristic vibration of the metal used.

If a gain-adjustable phono equalizer is used, we recommend using NOBALA and lowering the phono equalizer gain. We certainly anticipate benefits from this new setup.

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