Leben Hi-Fi CS-300XS Integrated Amplifier


Leben Hi-Fi CS-300XS Integrated Amplifier

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SMALL AND POWERFUL TUBE EL84 (MADE BY "SOVTEK" / RUSSIA)   CS-300X(S) is equipped with SOVTEK Tube EL-84 which has been welknown by audiophiles for its high sound quality against its small size. A high input sensitivity of EL84 does not require a complicated circuit and accordingly, it can create a low distortion output signal. CS-300X(S) picture No.2 HIGHEST-END AUDIO GRADE COMPONENTS RESISTORS: Precision Industrial Grade +/-1% FIRST-STAGE BY-PASS CONDENSOR: An ultimate audio condensor "OS Condensor" developped by "SANYO" LAST-STAGE BY-PASS CONDENSOR: "Fine-Gold" by "NICHICON" JOINT CONDENSOR: "Metalized Polypropylene Condensor" with "Mesh-Shielding". NF OVERSHOOT PREVENTION CONDENSOR: Ceramic Conderser. CATHODE RESISTOR: 4W type.(Instead of 3W type) OUTPUT TRANSFORMER: Newly developped Transformer with wider range for high frequency. WBT type binding post.(From April/05 delivery onward)/li

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