Jadis D88S MkII integrated amp

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Jadis D88S MkII integrated amp

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As Jadis’ most powerful integrated amplifier, the DA88S MkII rewards its listeners with a rich musical experience refined from numerous component and chassis upgrades over its long production history.

The DA88S MkII is a robust 60 watt, pure class-A, KT120 integrated amplifier with five line inputs and included remote control. Thanks to Jadis' custom-made signature transformers, high-gain low-noise five tube front-end and symmetrical push-pull operation, the DA88S MkII can effortlessly drive all but the most difficult loudspeakers.

The DA88S MkII produces a warm and rich yet very detailed fast sound with tremendous dynamics and a large soundstage. Like its smaller brother the DA50S, the DA88 MkII features a tightly regulated solid state power supply combined with low overall global feedback and class A output for providing optimal image focus and the ultimate in powerful music resolution. It’s no wonder The Absolute Sound named the DA88S MkII as a Product of the Year winner. Tube complement is eight KT120 tubes, two 12AX7 (ECC83) and three 12AU7 (ECC82). Dimensions are 20" x 16" x 8.7", weight 88lbs.

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