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The amplifier is a musical instrument

The wooden panels integrated with the amplifier provides beautiful tones in the music. Spruce and maple, the same combination of wood panels as stringed instruments, vibrates with the amplifier and create energy to convey musicality.

Like a musical instrument maker, we carefully selected materials and considered different combinations.

Only Hickory supports the full weight of the main chassis
Wooden feet of maple wood with hickory embedded in the center are designed in such a way that only the hickory located in the center is grounded.
The RPA-MG3000 is built as an instrument.
The timbre of a musical instrument is composed of minute signals

The sounds of instruments and human voice contain an enormous amount of detailed harmonic signals, which form a beautiful sound. Therefore, minute signals play an important role in the reproduction of realistic sounds. The PURE DIRECT SYSTEM and specially blended capacitors of RPA-MG3000 amplifies all these minute signals faithfully without exception. SPEC takes special concern in the faithful representation of minute audio signals.
Pure Direct Connection
In order to reproduce the realistic sound, it is important to reproduce MINUTE SIGNALS without omission. In the case of low-level transmission using a preamplifier, more smaller signals in the music signal may be buried in noise. Signals smaller than the noise level limit will shrinks further and could disappear completely.
On the other hand, THE PURE DIRECT CONNECTION transmits the music signal to the input of the power amplifier at a large level, and controls the volume with the electronic volume placed just before the classD block, so that the minute signal is guided to the final stage as much as possible.
By amplifying the signal that keeps the minute signal in class D, the speaker reproduces the delicate musical expression played by the musical instrument.
The protagonist of realistic sound is a minute signal.

SPEC aiming for realistic and musical reproduction value the minute signals.
Capacitor Blending
Like a sommelier, we taste a variety of capacitors and blend them.
Realistic sound is made by combination of capacitors and woods.



create a truly realistic sound
The final stage of class D

The final stage of class D is placed small to enable delicate expression. These two small FETs per channel are the 300W output itself.


Powerful energy drives the speakers reliably, reproducing the sound pressure of the instrument. Sound pressure is the energy of the instrument itself.
1 Neutral: very close to the actual sound of the instruments
2 Sophisticated: Artistic quality beyond the actual sound

It is a quite different method from that of a conventional tone control. Frequency characteristic does not change at all. Each mode is depending on the adopted parts itself.
But isn't that a job for a pre-amplifier? No! The class D circuit has a very sensitive point. At the post-stage of CLASS D, musicality change can be achieved very effectively. We do not change frequency characteristic. We merely change resonance characteristic of special parts at the post-stage of CLASS D.
RPA-MG3000 appearance

(Left) AMP UNIT / (Right) POWER UNIT


Maximum output 300 W × 2 (4Ω)
Frequency response 10 Hz - 30 kHz ±1dB
Speaker Impedance 4-16 ohm
Line input terminals XLR input: 1 RCA inputs:1
Speaker terminal L,R
External dimensions
(POWER UNIT) 450 mm (width) × 180 mm (height) × 440 mm (depth)
External dimensions
(AMP.UNIT) 450 mm (width) × 180 mm (height) × 455 mm (depth)
Weight (POWER UNIT) 27 kg
Weight (AMP.UNIT) 18 kg

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