Exogal Ion


Exogal Ion

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Ion, the perfect amplification companion for the Comet

The Exogal Ion is a high performance PowerDAC that is specifically designed to be an amplifier and processing extension to the Comet. The Ion connects to the Comet via the EXONET Interface and provides 125 watts per channel (into 8 ohms).

The Ion integrates fully with the Comet and there are no complicated remotes or apps required - the Comet handles it all for you! Simply connect the Comet and the Ion together with one cable and you're done!


The Ion PowerDAC now incorporates some internal changes, yielding significant performance improvements. Existing Ions can be upgraded - see below.

Greater than 10% improvement in PowerDAC output power regulation, giving:
Approximately 10% more effective power
More robust bass at lower volumes
More articulate highs at louder volumes
Higher roll off frequency giving greater range
Flatter, more realistic frequency response all across the Ion's frequency and volume range

Also provides:

More reliable performance across wider mains voltage ranges
Faster, more accurate predictive speaker protection
Increased tolerance and protection from anomalous behavior

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