Auditorium 23 Homage T1 and T2 Transformers

Auditorium 23

Auditorium 23 Homage T1 and T2 Transformers

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"Without exaggeration we can say that it was simply the rediscovering of our vinyl collection, in fact this transformer literally transcends the cartridge. It serves a tone unbelievable open, dynamically and musically.

The listening becomes a moving experience. In comparison to the competitors like the Shindo "Arome" or the Ortofon 3000, the Hommage T1 gives the impression instruments have more physical realism, the touch of the pianist is more distinctive, the play more mighty, vivid, expressive.

The wonderful recording of Tchaikovski's Concerto for Violin with Szering and Haitink (Philips) makes one believe in a better reading of the cartridge that extracts information never being heard before. " ~ From the DIAPASON Review

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