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AudioQuest cables have a mandate: to transmit a signal without changing it. Since 1978 we have been actively researching the mechanisms responsible for altering an audio or video signal as it travels through a cable. The better we understand these mechanisms, the more effectively we can minimize their harmful effects. We take the only reasonable approach: instead of trying to fix something after it is “broken”, we try to prevent it from breaking.

Every AudioQuest cable, from the least to the most expensive, is designed to minimize change. The problems we seek to conquer are the same for all cables. We make so many models of AudioQuest cables in order to ensure financial compatibility. We are certain to have several models which are extremely cost-effective in your system, whether it’s a mini-rack system or state-of-the-art. The best cable is always the best cable, a difference you can hear on a boombox, but that does not mean that it’s cost effective to make such a match.

AudioQuest, the company, manufactures cables using the brand names AudioQuest and Cinema- Quest.

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