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Acoustic Plan PhonoMaster

PhonoMaster is an equipment to amplify electrical signals of phonograph pick-ups. These can be moving magnet (MM) or moving coil (MC) systems. The frequency response is equalized for RIAA. With minimalistic circuit design best sound quality is achieved without any compromise. Only one transistor is responsible for amplification of the low MC signals. Overallfeedback, differential amplification and push-pull circuits are not used. Adjustment of the MC imput impedance to the pick-up is superfluous due to the use of a current control circuit. Tubes are only installed where they are able to develop their whole range of advantages: for prevention of natural harmonic spectrum, fusion of neutrality and liveliness as well as the exceptional dynamics. One output transistor guarantees low output impedance to drive long cables without losses. Unregulated switching power supplies avoid any kind of humming and noise. PhonoMaster is equiped with double sided printed circuit boards for tight fixing of ceramic bases and all other components.


Phono Input MM RCA Pin Jack Input sensitivity Impedance 3m V50K CD, FM, AUX Input RCA Pin Jack Output RCA Pin Jack Phono Max. Input Voltage 1,000 mV. Total Harmonic Distortion 0.04%. Signal to Noise Ratio 120dB. Frequency Response 10 - 50,000Hz. Power Requirements AC 120V or 220 - 240V, 50 60Hz Power Consumption 40W. Demensions W 395 × H 130× D 240 mm. Weight 5.8kg

Aurieges Phono Preamplifier

Aurieges Phono preamplifier A stand alone phono stage with RIAA, Columbia and 78 curves. Built in custom mono step up transformer and stereo step up transformers.

Ayre KX-5 Twenty

KX-5 Twenty : preamplifier Arguably the most important component in your system, the KX-5 delivers all of the performance and flexibility you have come to expect from an Ayre product. Following in the legendary footsteps of the KX-R preamplifier, the Ayre KX-5 lives up to the challenge with dynamics powered by our Diamond output stage and a finesse achieved by eliminating the traditional attenuating volume control with our 46 position Variable Gain Transimpedance (VGT) amplification circuit. Featuring six programmable inputs and our unique Equilock gain stage, the KX-5 will draw you in with its enchanting musicality and drop your jaw with its endless depth of stage.

Leben RS-28CX

RS-28CX from Leben is equipped with the CR type equalizer based on GE 12AT7 authorized by J.A.N. (Joint Army & Navy) standard of US Army, and can reproduce a very high quality and clear sound without adding any NFB. Some of the finest available high-end audio components were selected for the RS28C to keep the deflection of the RIAA curve below +/-0.3%. Of course, the phono equalizer is only one of the strengths of the RS28C. Another notable feature is a very strong output voltage created by the Dual-Triode Tube 6CG7 of General Electric(USA) used for the line stage. Leben further selected the best quality tubes out of these and constructed a powerful SRPP type amplification which can supply power amplifiers with a maximum 80V of clean output signal.

Line Magnetic 25-B preamplifier

The LM 25-B line level preamp has arrived. Based on the legendary Western Electric 25-B design. Comprising of the 129-A line stage module and 18-A power supply. First produced in the late 1930's for the broadcast industry. Amazing textures, with a vibrant full bodied sound.

Shindo Laboratories Aurieges Stereo Pre-Amplifier – L

The Aurieges is the entry Shindo pre-amplifier. Shindo does not sacrifice at all when making lower cost products. The Aurieges features a outboard power supply and is tube rectified like all the upper model Shindo pre-amps. Features a moving magnet phono stage that works with any quality cartridge. Just like its bigger brothers, the Aurieges will transport you to the concert hall.

Shindo Laboratories Giscours Pre-Amplifier

The new Giscours has finally arrived. Eighteen years after its original release in 1986, Ken Shindo has taken his design to a new level. Features include new old stock Western Electric 349A's in the linestage, amorphous core MC step up transformers, dual mono design, twin tube rectification, output transformers, and a complete new chassis concept.

Shindo Laboratories Vosne-Romanee Pre-Amplifier

Designed around the Siemens C3m valve and utilizing custom designed and wound output transformers. The Vosne-Romanee is just unbelievably textured, nuanced and full of finesse like the fine wine its named after.

Shindo Monbrison

The Shindo Monbrison has been completely updated. Now with custom output transformers and a MM phono stage. This is a huge step up from the older version. Now available for audition.

Shindo Partager Preamp

The new Shindo Partager preamp offers a distinctive step up from the Auriges preamp. Designed for MM cartridges, it allows the user to use a step up device for MC cartridges. The sound is very vivid, with great body. Also, there are 3 additional line level inputs. This is a terrific addition to this legendary line.

Spec REQ-S1EX Phono Stage

Just arrived!! An ultra low-noise, high-gain “bipolar-input operational amp” is used for MC cartridges with low-voltage, low-impedance outputs, while a high input impedance and high-performance audio circuitry “FET-input operational amp” is used for MM cartridges with high-voltage, high impedance outputs. And so you could enjoy the highly natural and vivid sound with each type of cartridges. “CR Equalizer” in Pursuit of “Real-Sound”, Faithful Reproduction of Rich Information Contained in Analog Vinyl LPs Thanks to the latest ultra low-noise, high-gain?operational amps, we could adopt “CR equalizer”, it is composed of minimum numbers of exclusively passive devices and excellent phase characteristics. Because of its simplest circuit configuration, the sound character of each passive devices used in the CR equalizer determines the final sound quality of the phono equalizer. REQ-S1EX employs two types of highest quality “oil filled capacitor” custom-made by Arizona Capacitors, Inc. USA, featuring different tonal character and “mica capacitors” with ultimate sound quality. They contribute to the straight, highly transparent, information-rich sound of this “Real-Sound” phono equalizer”. Seeking free from the conduction noise and excellent channel separation, a “ Phono EQ” amplifier unit and a separate “Power Supply” case with independent L/R power sources A specialized power supply with newly-developed SiC ( Silicon Carbide ) schottky diodes and the blending of custom capacitors, two type of high quality electrolytic capacitors, connecting in parallel custom “oil-filled capacitors” and also valuable “mica capacitors”, achieves a fine, flat but energetic sound across the entire range. Above all this power supply, prepared for both L/R channel brings out complete separation. In addition Base-chassis, a solid laminated panel of European spruce from Austria is used for producing a natural and pleasant sound. Insulators made from pure real maple from Hokkaido in Japan moderates the vibrancy of the spruce base-chassis and cut off the vibration from out-side help providing a nice musicality. Specifications Amplifier [Input] MC gain 60 db Input impedance switching 20 ? / 200 ? MM gain 40 db Input load capacity switching 0 pF / 100 pF [Output] Unbalanced RCA 0.5 Vrms Balanced XLR 1.0 Vrms RIAA deviation 10 Hz - 50 kHz ± 0.25 dB max. Input conversion noise 140 dBV (MC) Subsonic filter -3 dB (20 Hz) Max. external dimensions 260 mm (width) × 84 mm (height) × 387 mm (depth) Weight 5.0 kg Power supply unit Power voltage 220 V AC, 50 Hz/60 Hz Electrical consumption 10 W External dimensions 260 mm (width) × 84 mm (height) × 380 mm (depth) Weight 6.0 kg

Sugden A21SE Stage Two Phono preamp

A21SE Stage Two Phono Amplifier There are two dedicated phono amplifiers in the Sugden range and both are borne from our passion for vinyl. The Stage Two offers exceptional value for money with facilities to cater for both MM and MC cartridges. The design is a two box system separating the power supply from the amplifier. The phono amplifier has fixed loading for MM and 100 and 470 Ohm selection for MC. Our design criteria was to produce a product that was as neutral as possible, retaining a faithful and enjoyable analogue sound.

Sugden LA-4 Pre-amplifier

Masterclass LA-4 Pre-amplifier A high quality active pre-amplifier featuring a host of inputs and outputs. The LA-4 makes a perfect combo with either the Masterclass or Sapphire power amplifiers. High-end touches include gold plated circuit boards, relay switching of all inputs and output and a sophisticated class A output stage. The LA-4 is a high gain amplifier that provides an iron fist of control over any power amplifier. The electronic circuitry has been developed to offer the best possible sonic performance without compromise including the use of specially selected transistors and capacitors to provide the best signal preservation. The gain stages are each powered by current shunt differential power supplies, which enable the fastest transients and most powerful crescendos with true musical empathy.

VTL TL-2.5i Preamplifier

The TL-2.5i all-tube preamplifier is designed for performance – giving you music that is direct from the source, in the most realistic, colorless and truthful way we know how. This preamp is packed with features to give you the maximum control over all the audio and video sources in your system. With 6 line inputs, an optional internally retro-fittable phono stage, two pairs of outputs, a tape loop, and external processor loop (for home theater), you can rest assured that this preamp will plug and play into your existing system in no time at all. Silver or black cosmetics, and remote volume control and mute come standard. In this new and improved version of our long-standing TL-2.5 Performance Preamplifier, both the line stage and the phono stage have been updated sonically with audiophile-grade parts, resulting in improved resolution, greater harmonic richness in the mid and highs, with the speed and dynamics that have become the hallmark of the VTL family sound. A pair of user-selectable Gain Switches have been added to the Line Stage to allow the user to select between Normal Gain and Low Gain. Similar to the design of the TP-2.5 Series II Phono Preamplifier, the TL-2.5i’s internal phono stage supports both MM and MC cartridges, and offers user-adjustable Load and Gain settings that makes cartridge optimization an easy task for vinyl lovers. Above all, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find out how little the TL2.5i costs. This sturdily made unit hand-built in the VTL factory in California, with proven-quality parts, will take your breath away with its clear, musically involving sound. Visit your nearest dealer and listen to one now. We’re confident that if you’re not already a member of the VTL family, you will be one very soon.

VTL 5.5 Series II Preamp

Since its introduction in 1997, the TL-5.5 has earned a reputation for outstanding performance at an economical price. Now, VTL has significantly upgraded this preamp, using many of the technological innovations derived from the flagship TL-7.5 preamplifier. The result is a modern full-featured preamplifier that outperforms in every way, making it one of the top values of any tube preamplifier in its category. The fundamental qualities that made the original TL-5.5 special—its all-tube design, the optional retrofittable phono stage, and its superb sonic characteristics—are unchanged. What’s new is the application of advanced audio technology sourced from VTL’s TL-7.5 Reference and TL-6.5 Signature preamplifiers. This technology uses a simple circuit topology with low negative feedback and a high current/low impedance output stage in a low-noise microprocessor-based design. Top quality parts, fully balanced operation, and precision-regulated and shielded power supplies yield a full yet neutral sound with high resolution, transparency, speed and powerful dynamics. Much of the engineering prowess inherent in these world-class preamps has been transferred to the new TL5.5. New fully regulated power supplies are similar to those of its bigger siblings and the unit is now fully balanced, for inputs as well as outputs. Similarly, VTL’s latest thinking from our new and acclaimed TP-6.5 Signature phono stage is now applied to the optional MC phono stage, which can be easily retrofitted internally. It offers 68dB of gain and a balanced output, with a JFET/12AU7 high current MC stage (or high-grade stepup transformer), split-pole passive RIAA stage with a dual 12AX7 MM stage for maximum headroom voltage swing. Triple-precision power supply regulation and full gain and load setting with RIAA enhanced and rumble cut functions translate to a clean and quiet yet dynamic sound that brings vinyl to life! VTL has delivered on its goal of bringing advanced engineering and modern functionality to the new TL-5.5 Series II preamplifier. With the same highly intuitive user interface of the renowned TL-7.5 and 6.5, and a full-function remote, the new TL-5.5 is a pleasure to use. A rigid, well-shielded chassis yields quiet operation while bi-directional RS-232 serial interface allows for seamless integration into any audio system. A luxurious cosmetic makeover includes a sleek and visually striking precision-milled faceplate similar to those used on its much more expensive brethren. For a well-priced, high-performance all-tube preamplifier, the TL-5.5 is a truly fine addition to any system.

VTL TL6.5 Series II Signature Preamp

More than seven years after introducing the TL6.5 Signature Preamplifier to wide acclaim, VTL presents a significantly revised version, the TL6.5 Series II. The new model incorporates numerous circuit improvements while retaining the best elements of the TL6.5 platform. The proven strengths of the original system design include a single chassis architecture, a fully balanced differential design, a hybrid circuit that combines tubes in the gain stage for voltage linearity, with a FET buffer for greater current capacity, a high resolution volume control with high overload capability, and precision-regulated power supplies. The highly-regarded user interface of the TL6.5 platform is renowned for its intuitive functionality and ease of use, with full-function remote control, and a fully bi-directional RS-232 control interface for increased compatibility with modern home theater systems. The TL-6.5 Series II incorporates most of the advanced technology found in VTL’s flagship preamplifier, the TL-7.5 Series III, for a dramatically higher level of performance compared to the original design. The new version features an extensively revised power supply based on current-sourced shunt regulator technology that minimizes impact on the audio signal. Far more precise power regulation yields dramatically improved rejection of noise and AC fluctuation. The completely redesigned high current gain stage utilizes newly available FET technology developed for green technologies such as solar panels and electric cars that require a normally-on state. Unlike MOSFETs that need to be biased on, normally-on devices operate more like vacuum tubes in the audio output stage, with simpler circuits that continuously conduct current, resulting in a more tube-like sound. The high-current gain stage is shock-mounted like the TL-7.5, and has been further optimized for linearity, with zero global negative feedback. Also included in the upgrade are re-voiced audiophile grade capacitors and additional bypassing. Enhancements to the Series II result in an overall more tube-like sonic character, with more defined images in the listening space, a higher level of inner detail, and a dramatically improved mid-bass and midrange. The TL6.5 Series II is an exceptional match with any of VTL’s other Signature products.

VTL TP2.5 Series II Phono Preamplifier

The new TP2.5 Series II phono stage represents a tremendous value for those looking to assemble a high resolution analog system at a reasonable cost. Completely redesigned from the earlier version, the TP2.5 is trickled down from our flagship phono stage, the renowned TP6.5. Delivering a large measure of the musicality and resolution of its much more expensive stablemate, the new TP2.5 offers dramatic improvements in speed, delicacy, nuance and drive. Crafted with a similar high quality build and finish as VTL’s more expensive models, the TP2.5 has an elegant silhouette, and the features to match. With an eye toward flexibility and user friendliness, the 2.5 offers user-adjustable cartridge impedance, and two levels of gain, with inputs for both MC and MM cartridges. JFET/tube hybrid circuitry is used for the MC stage, and all-tube circuitry for the MM stage. Enhanced RIAA compensation and a front-panel switchable rumble filter offer even more functionality. The signal path is purposely kept simple and direct, with audiophile-grade components throughout, for ultimate sonic purity. With the new TP2.5 phono stage, we have created an entry to true high-end analog sound. The VTL ‘family’ genes of highly resolved detail, linearity and controlled bass are all there, along with a musicality, depth and spaciousness you won’t find in most phono stages. For the true music lover seeking to capture the special magic that only a fine analog system can provide, the new TP2.5 Series II phono stage is an essential component.

Well Tempered Labs TPP Phono Stage

The TPP features a separate power supply using 2 x 12AX7 tubes. Providing a balanced gain with low negative feedback.SPECIFICATIONS- Control Functions: Power On/Off - Harmonic Distortion (2V RMS Output): 0.01% - Input Level (MM Phono): 3 - 5 mV - Input Impedance: 47k ohms - Input Connectors: 1 group RCA, 1 group RCA - Ground Connector: 1 terminal - Signal: 86 dB - Consumption: 40 watt - Tube Compliment: 2 x 12AX7