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News & Updates

Music at Gigi’s

On Nov. 29th and Dec. the 6th, 13 and the 20th. MaryKay Robinson and I will be performing at Gigi’s on Fairmount.

The address is 3477 Fairmount Blvd. in Cleveland Heights from 7 to 9! Great Food and Spirits

Come on by for a little Holiday cheer!

Concert Sept. 17

This Saturday I will be closed for regular hours!

I will be playing in the concert listed above. it is a free concert and I will be playing a piece that the Jazz guitarist Jim Hall wrote in the late 50’s. if you are curious come on by. Info is on the flyer above.

The Ayre QX-5 Digital Hub

Ayre’s latest offering is the QX-5 Digital hub has arrived.  This is a world class! Dac, headphone amp and streamer in one package. It offers 10 inputs. I was expecting it to be good but from the first listen this product is a class leader in all of it’s functions. Come on by for a listen for yourself you won’t be disappointed.


The $5000.00 Concert ticket!!

Many of my customers know that I am also a musician. In July I had the opportunity to play with the Cleveland Orchestra over two weekends at their summer home,  the Blossom Music center. This is a beautiful amphitheater  just south of Cleveland.

On the second concert I  was sitting dead center and about 10 feet from the conductor, First and second violins were to my right and to my left was the bass, cello and viola sections. Behind were the woodwinds, brass and a plethora of percussion instruments. The best way to describe the sound was “spine tingling”. I commented to the Jazz bass player that I would have paid 5 grand to hear this concert from my sitting position.  The sound was if there were 1 omnidirectional microphone placed where I was sitting. Not stereo the way we perceive it at home. but mono,  the distance between the musicians created the ” soundstage”. The sound as you would expect from a “world class” orchestra was smooth natural and totally phase coherent.

It got me thinking about my customers. I strongly suggest that wherever you live, go out and hear a orchestra play. If you are not a fan of classical music then go hear one of the many “Pops” programs all orchestras offer. It will “clean your pallet ” and make you a better listener at home.

Spin Party with Shindo and Aud23

On May the 5th. from 6 to 9 we will be listening to the magnificent Homage Cinema speakers by Auditorium 23. The front end will be the Well Tempered Labs Royal 400. All electronics will be Shindo. Seating is limited. Please rsvp to 216-375-1393. As usual refreshments will be served.