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Auditorium 23 Cinema Hommage

The transducer is driven by the compression chamber driver of the LM 555 by Line Magnetic, an excellent replica of the legendary Western Electric 555. For the extension of the high-range the LM 597 tweeter is used – also a replica of the historical original by Western Electric (in the image above the tweeter is not installed). The horn for the »Cinema« manufactured by Uwe Meyer, Büro für Raumakustik, Wolfsburg, is formed from glued layers of spruce wood and connected to the LM 555 driver by a bronze adapter. The horn shown in the image was finished with walnut tree veneer. In its substruction it houses an acoustic line with a length of app. 1 meter. All visible wooden elements are manufactured with massive wood – the four sides of the cabinet as well as the acoustic line of the horn are covered with high-quality fabric. This loudspeaker shows a partially active concept. Its bass cabinet contains two drivers of different crossover frequency and adjustable efficiency. The used power amplifier modules operate in A/B-switching. The complex power supply based on selenium rectifying with good adjustability as well as the power amplifier modules were exclusively produced for us by Acousticplan. This speaker even supplies larger rooms easily. Its effortlessness conveys the feeling to be very close to the musical information even if they are reproduced at low levels e.g. in the evening. The level regulators of the bass modules are a more than helpful tool in this context. »Hommage Cinema« is manufactured in sophisticated handwork and on small-scale series.

Auditorium 23 Hommage 755

The design of the Hommage 755 is based on the esthetics of the Western Electric 753 loudspeaker, the sole speaker of Western Electric, which was offered for private use. Like as the Hommage à Ken speaker, the Hommage 755 is fitted with the LM 755 Alncio driver. All parameters of driver were carefully tuned to the dimensions of the cabinet. The development and realisation of the concept - supplemented by further insights that derived from the manufacturing of other speakers by Auditorium 23 - led to a result that gives a strong signal in the segment of full-range speakers. The physical properties of the LM 755 driver are perfectly maintained in all parameters by LineMagnetic Audio. The extreme complex and costly Alnico-structure, the thin pole plate, the 'overhanging' wound voice coil (manufactured for the first time by Western Electric and a feature of the 7 series), the accurate and well considered large conception of the spider in a wisely produced basket with little windows, the flat shape of the membrane, built as a one piece dome-construction out of the cellulose-pulp - properties which Western Electric elaborated in the 1940s. More than a few consider the WE 755 driver to be the best full-range driver in general. With a height of  roughly 35 inches the Hommage 755 loudspeaker is the *Piccolo* in the product line of Auditorium 23. With its elegant, high-quality and lean design this speaker can be easily integrated into the personal living space - with sonic results only to be found with excellent full-range drivers.

Auditorium 23 Hommage Ken

All new Auditorium 23 Hommage Ken Loudspeaker is a collaboration between friends Keith Aschenbrenner and Ken Shindo. The speaker cabinets internal ‘labyrinth construction’ was designed by Ken Shindo, and utilized here with his permission shortly before his passing. This collaboration, as well as knowledge acquired by Keith Aschenbrenner through years of successful speaker design, is distilled into this project. The handsome cabinet is constructed of solid cherry wood and exudes a quality and craftsmanship as expected from Auditorium 23 Loudspeakers. With a total height of 35 inches and 16 x 20 inches in width and depth. using the wonderful LM alnico 755 driver provides the ultimate in a single driver based speaker system.  

DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 3XL

gibbon 3XL from DeVore Fidelity. "Amazing sound from a small pair of stand-mounted speakers. Utilizing the tweeter unit from its top-of-the-line Silverback Reference speakers, and a new, 5-inch paper woofer all in a terrific-looking, solid bamboo enclosure (very green), John DeVore has created a wonderful sounding small speaker." - Gary Krakow for The Street.com. Frequency Response: 45Hz-40kHz Sensitivity: 90dB/W/M Impendence: 8 ohms Dimensions: 15.25" Hx 7.3125" x 10.875 D

DeVore Fidelity Gibbon X

The DeVore Gibbon 10 is the top of the Gibbon line and a direct replacement for the famed Silverback. This 3 way speaker is super easy to drive with a 91db sensitivity and a 8 ohm load. Measuring 44 in height, 9 in width and 17.75 in depth. Priced at $15890.00

DeVore Fidelity Orangutan 96

Orangutan 96 from DeVore Fidelity. DeVore Orangutan 96, The new offering from DeVore Fidelity is a 96 db, 10 ohm loudspeaker. Super easy to drive, with great pace, punch and drive. Quite amazing on everything from orchestral music to rock. Come and check these great speakers out.

DeVore Orangatun 93

With a new version of our 10 inch Paper cone woofer with phase plug and the same gently horn loaded 1 inch silk dome tweeter, the O/93 retains much of the clarity and tonality of the O/96 at a lower sensitivity in a lower priced speaker. Frequency bandwidth: 30Hz-31kHz Sensitivity: 93 dB/W/M Impedance: 10 Ohms Dimensions: 10"d x 15"w x 35.5"h

Falcon LS3-5A loudspeaker

Just arrived is the Falcon LS3-5A loudspeaker system. This is a dead ringer for the original BBC monitor. This is the 15 ohm design of the original. If you are looking for a pair of mini-monitors these should be on your short list.

LM Audio LM 755EX

LM 755EX from LM Audio is a single driver system using a remake of the famous Western Electric 755A speaker. 94db, 8 ohms. It comes with a field coil power supply - the LM Audio PR-3 using 300B's to power the magnets. I love this speaker! Call and schedule an appointment.

RAM Studio 30 Loudspeaker

Description 3-way Reflex Enclosure Drive Units 2 no. custom made 170mm (6”) Polypropylene Cone bass units (exclusive to Falcon Acoustics); 50mm (2”) Dome Midrange; 25mm ( 1”) soft dome tweeter Freq. response 20Hz-35kHz Impedance 8 ohms Sensitivity 89dB/2.83V/m Power handling 15-250W Connector 4mm Custom-Designed nickel-plated binding posts Dimensions (HxWxD) 1100 x 215 x 300mm (+12mm for grille and binding posts) incl. 60mm Plinth & Premium Falcon Audio Engineering Spikes. Finish Wrapped Black Leather Exchangeable side panels in real wood veneer. Walnut, High Gloss White, High Gloss Black, Burr Walnut. Weight 35kg each, 74 kgs per pair shipping weight. 15 Kgs Plinth x 2

Shindo Labs 604

604 from Shindo Labs. The Shindo 604 series has been in production for nearly 30 years. The most recent version is the new Petite 604. The Petite version utilizes a scaled down cabinet for those without rooms large enough for the standard cabinet size. Careful tuning results in sound that is anything but scaled down. Available in both field coil and Alnico versions using Ken Shindo's proprietary crossover network. The cabinets are carefully tuned to be in sync with the custom driver. 100db and 16 ohms makes these speakers the perfect final piece of any Shindo system.

Shindo Labs Latour

The Latour is a two way design with a compression driver on a horn for the mid/high and a 15" stiff paper, short throw woofer for the lows. The Latour is a tube friendly 100db efficient and 16ohms flat impedance. It features an adjustable woofer/tweeter level for room placement/matching optimization. Also available is a smaller version featuring a 12" woofer with field coil or Alnico magnets and a smaller field coil compression driver for the mid/high. Which one is right for you depends on the room dimensions.

Solo Coaxial Loudspeaker

Just arrived! The Solo loudspeaker is a 2 way coaxial speaker system with a 12 inch paper driver and a true coaxial compression driver. Outstanding sound and build quality in a 96db 8 ohm speaker. Real wood veneers and vintage look complete the package.   $ 4250.00 stands included

Vandersteen Quatro CT

The Quatro CT from Vandersteen. The Vandersteen Quatro speakers provide enhanced performance by combining the 3a Signature and a pair of 2Wq's in a more esthetically pleasing enclosure, simplifying the setup procedure and presenting a less imposing presence in the room. The Vandersteen Quatro has many of the same attributes as the Model 5 without the cost of the veneered cabinet. Like all Vandersteen speakers, Quatros are completely time and phase accurate. They set new standards for speakers at this price point with wide bandwidth and linearity; exceptional resolution and imaging; and outstanding naturalness and musicality. Vandersteen speakers deliver demonstrably superior performance and sound more like real music.

Vandersteen Treo

I have one pair of the Vandersteen Tree speakers available in the Cherry finish. These were my demo units, Perfect! Highly regarded and very well reviewed. Warranty included. New $7000.00 Demo $4550.00 Sold     Treo from Vandersteen is a time and phase correct full-range loudspeaker. Available in all the standard wood finishes. The top three drivers and performance are the same as Quatro sans powered sub-woofer.