A 'by appointment only' high-end audio dealership in Cleveland Ohio.

New Products

Introducing LM Audio

I am carrying a new line of electronics called LM Audio, and I will have the LM 211IA EL34 preamp in the showroom soon. I also just received the awesome LM Audio 755EX loudspeaker system ($8,750). This is a single driver system using a remake of the famous Western Electric 755A speaker. It comes with a field coil power supply. I love this speaker!! Call and schedule an appointment.

Also new is the Well Tempered Labs DPS power supply for all Well Tempered Labs tables. A very worthy upgrade that replaces the digital power supply.

DeVore 96 and Shindo 604

The new DeVore Orangutan 96 and Shindo 604 speakers have arrived, as well as the Mozart Grand SE loudspeaker from Vienna Acoustics. There are also new updates to the specials.