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New Products

New Products

JUST ARRIVED! Come check out these great new products. All are in stock for auditioning.

Shindo Montille 391

Sugden Hp-4 Headphone amp

Sugden PA-4 Phono preamp

Auditorium 23 755 Speaker system

Auralic Taurus MK2 Headphone amp

Line Magnetic 508 – IA

Line Magnetic 217 IA 300B integrated amp

Audeze LC-4, LCD X, I Sine 20 Headphones

EMT TSD 75 Phono Cartridge

The Wax Engine Turntable and WTL TLC MM cartridge

The CONSONANCE WAX Engine is a quite remarkable new turntable. There are more sensible design features that are beneficial to analogue playback in this turntable than those costing several times more.

Main bearing & Spindle
If you must have a bearing then it better be a good one. The Wax Engine features a stepped stainless steel spindle that encapsulates a ceramic ball at the business end. This rides on a teflon pad and with a few drops of oil provides a low friction surface. The spindle is housed in a brass housing. The spindle is relatively “short” which results in a platter with a low centre of gravity and as a result, rotation is notably free and stable.

The DC motor is a high quality Mabuchi with a patented DC servo supply.

The tonearm is a “unipivot” design which is not unique and although have known advantages also have well recognised problems. Rather than a “needle” point commonly used, Wax Engine features a proprietary low friction brass bearing in the horizontal mode and “pre loaded stainless” in the vertical. The arm tube is aluminum, terminated in a low mass headshell, antiskate is achieved by a rod and rider weight. A remarkable achievement in a tonearm at this price level.

All mounted on an aluminium “T” section chassis with isolation feet. A serious attempt to give the recordings their best shot.

Priced at $995.00 it may be the best value in turntables I have seen. Includes a aluminum 9 inch tonearm. Paired up with the new Well Tempered Labs TLC moving magnet cartridge at $550.00 you will have a system that plays like it is a $5000.00.

Dynavector Te kaitora Rua, SPU-200 step up

Most of my customers know I have a fondness for the Dynavector MC cartridges. I have had all of them on the floor except the Te Kaitora Rua. Well that all changed about a month ago. I ordered one of these “beauties”. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I knew it would be good. I mated the cartridge to the Dynavector SPU-200 step up. What I heard was quite amazing! This cartridge and step up played with the “big boys” In terms of resolution, dynamics, humanity, space and body. This cartridge is beyond reproach. You will need to spend a lot more ¬†money to get something better. If you are considering a cartridge in the $3000.00 range you should put this on your short list. Always available for auditioning.

Rega and other new items

Lots of new items in house this spring! The Rega 1, 3 and 6 turntables are here, and the Vandersteen Treo and Vienna Acoustics Haydn loudspeakers. The Well Tempered Labs Versalex is here, as well as the LM Audio 218 and 210 amplifiers. From Auditorium 23 I have the T1 transformer and the Step Up transformer.

New cartridges and more

I’ve got a couple of new cartridges in this month – the Dynavector Sup-200 Moving coil cartridge step-up transformer is here ($2650), as well as the Ortofon Expression cartridge. I also have the REL G-2 Sub bass system here, and the Sonus Faber Amati Futura. I also have the LM 211 and 216 and am expecing the DeVore Supper 88 late this month. Also be sure to check out the ‘Winter Sale’ page, as there are a few fresh listings there, including items from Nagra, Rega, DeVore, and others.