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New Products

Just arrived are the Sugden FBA-800 and Sugden LA-4 preamp. Great sounding gear and reasonably priced. There is a new option for Record cleaning machines. We now represent the ┬áHannl RCM’s, along with Keith Monks. Also new are 5 new Headphones from Focal and Highfiman. The Focal Utopia and Elear. In the Hifiman we have the HE 1000 v/2, the HE Edition X v/2 and the HE 400S.

You will not find better selection of highend headphones on display any where in the midwest.

Don Better Audio

I will be open from 5:00 to 9:00 today.

Don Better Audio will be closed Sat. 4-22

I will be at Axpona this weekend and will be closed until Monday.

Ear Phone Heaven

In the last year I have amassed some of the best headphones currently available. Brands include Audioquest, Focal and Audeze. Prices range from $449.00 to $4000.00. I have also been seeking out the best headphone amps. Offerings are from Auralic, Quad, Ayre, and Sugden.

With many audiophiles wanting to listen at home without disturbing family members the current crop of headphones leave little to be desired for.

Come and check them out!!!

New Products

JUST ARRIVED! Come check out these great new products. All are in stock for auditioning.

Shindo Montille 391

Sugden Hp-4 Headphone amp

Sugden PA-4 Phono preamp

Auditorium 23 755 Speaker system

Auralic Taurus MK2 Headphone amp

Line Magnetic 508 – IA

Line Magnetic 217 IA 300B integrated amp

Audeze LC-4, LCD X, I Sine 20 Headphones

EMT TSD 75 Phono Cartridge