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Aurender Music Servers and RAM Loudspeakers have arrived!

We are please to announce Aurender Music servers and RAM loudspeakers to our lineup.

The RAM speaker include 2 bookshelf speakers and the Studio 30 full range system.

Pictured is the full range Studio 30 in Burl Walnut.


Also the wonderful Aurender Music servers are now on display.

Shindo Cortese

The new Shindo Cortese has arrived and it is a stunner!! Sporting Psvane 300B tubes, this is the most musical SET stereo amp I’ve heard. Available for audition now!


Stereophile Magazine visited the VTL factory earlier this summer. here is a link to the video.

It shows how the VTL products are made and the extensive steps that are followed in quality control and listening prior to  products shipping.

Check it out!

https://www.stereophile.com/content/jason-visits-vtl-video-report .

The New Shindo Labs Monbrison has arrived

Just arrived is the entirely new Monbrison pre-amp from Shindo Labs. It has a new chassis along with a custom output transformers and a MM phono stage. My first impression is of a highly resolved and musical preamp. Now available for audition.

New Products

Just arrived are the Sugden FBA-800 and Sugden LA-4 preamp. Great sounding gear and reasonably priced. There is a new option for Record cleaning machines. We now represent the ¬†Hannl RCM’s, along with Keith Monks. Also new are 5 new Headphones from Focal and Highfiman. The Focal Utopia and Elear. In the Hifiman we have the HE 1000 v/2, the HE Edition X v/2 and the HE 400S.

You will not find better selection of highend headphones on display any where in the midwest.