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Analysis Plus Cable

Constructed of pure silver over a stabilizing strand of oxygen-free copper, woven into a patented hollow oval geometry in an oval-coaxial configuration. Interconnects are wrapped with an open braided shield for ultra quiet, noise free performance.

Auditorium 23 Cables

Along with the Leben, Jonathan Halpern also sent a 2.5m set of Auditorium 23 loudspeaker cable that retails for $880. Rarely do reviewers -- let alone audiophiles -- agree on anything. However, in this instance I am in total agreement with my colleagues. The Auditorium 23 is easily the finest speaker cable I have had in my system yet. Like the CS-300X, no one area stands out as this green cotton-clad cable excels at walking that ever-tricky tightrope between resolution and musicality. The Auditorium 23 is a touch expensive to these cost-conscious ears yet I believe they are worth consideration and have clicked with every amp/speaker combo I've tried to date (and this from a guy who frowns upon mixing and matching different brands of cables). " - Paul Candy on the A23 Speaker Cables

Auditorium 23 Homage T1 and T2 Transformers

"Without exaggeration we can say that it was simply the rediscovering of our vinyl collection, in fact this transformer literally transcends the cartridge. It serves a tone unbelievable open, dynamically and musically. The listening becomes a moving experience. In comparison to the competitors like the Shindo "Arome" or the Ortofon 3000, the Hommage T1 gives the impression instruments have more physical realism, the touch of the pianist is more distinctive, the play more mighty, vivid, expressive. The wonderful recording of Tchaikovski's Concerto for Violin with Szering and Haitink (Philips) makes one believe in a better reading of the cartridge that extracts information never being heard before. " ~ From the DIAPASON Review

Auditorium 23 Step Up Transformer

Auditorium 23 step up transformers are available in three versions, two specifically for very low impedance cartridges like the Ortofon SPU and one for higher impedance cartridges like the EMT's, Denon 103, Shelter and many others. Auditorium 23 transformers in combination with a suitable phono preamp are simply amazing. Active gain stages will never capture the flow, texture, drive and overall musicality of a top shelf transformer like the Auditorium 23.

Box Furniture Co. Racks

Box Furniture Co. Racks are handcrafted in the USA utilizing the highest quality materials, mortise and tenon construction and modern catalyzed finishes. Extensive listening tests and careful materials consideration are integral to the creation of the BOX line of furniture. Just as the materials selection of a finely crafted musical instrument affects its tonal qualities, the BOX materials recipe is refined to best mate with the precise resolution and demands of High Fidelity audio components.

Crystal Cable

Crystal Cable offers analogue and digital interconnects for audio and video applications in RCA, XLR, BNC, HDMI, and SCART terminations. Video cable bundles come in common jackets with 3 or 5 leads. Speaker cables are available with exchangeable banana or spade splitters, in single or bi-wire configurations. Power cord terminations comply with all global plug standards.

Dynavector DV 507 Tone Arm

DV 507 Tone Arm from Dynavector. The new MKII version of the Dynavector DV 507 tonearm has made its long-awaited debut, building on the strengths of the original DV 507 which has enjoyed the highest reputation among audiophiles world-wide since its appearance in 1984. As it is a bi-axis inertia controlled tonearm the DV 507, no matter the type of cartridge can trace the music signal grooves cut in the recording with extreme accuracy. The DV 507 also provides superb trackability on warped recordings. Resolution and musical detailing are quite remarkable.

Dynavector SUP-200 step-UP MC Transformer

SUP-200 step-UP MC Transformer from Dynavector is a superior quality step up transformer that will extract the very best musical performance from most moving coil cartridges. Although predominantly designed for use with Dynavector MC cartridges. The SUP-200 has 26dB gain and can be matched with all moving coil cartridges within the 3-35 ohms Impedance range and an output voltage of more than 0.1mV. The use of high permeability core material ensures ultra low distortion and maintains minimum power loss.

Flux HIFI Sonic Stylus Cleaner

This amazing new product safely cleans your stylus by using a electronic brush and a fluid. In stock and Highly recommended! Price is $150.00

Hannl Mera 24 RCM

When we talk about the MERA (lat: The Clean), this is the best selling machine. It is also a classic, since it has been produced for many years and is always technically updated. Children's diseases are excluded. The Mera is an optical highlight and it is simply fun! The housing is made of high-quality 10 mm thick GS acrylic glass. The massive metal elements are powder coated in black and give the machine a noble overall expression. The plate is made of solid aluminum, turned and powdercoated. The two operating controls are also made of metal, black chromium-plated and laser-treated. The controller is controlled by a user-programmable processor. You can set up an individual washing program and simply save it. Next time, the machine will know your preferences. This programming can also be done via WLAN and an IPhone. Then you can also operate the machine from the sofa. Alternatively you can wash with the double brush head or with the patented round brush. The extraction is extremely quiet at 45 dB.

HRS Isolation Bases

Harmonic Resolution Systems Inc. (HRS) isolation bases are a primary element for significantly reducing structural borne noise in any audio or video component. All of our isolation bases are design based on a unique concept invented by Michael Latvis of Harmonic Resolution Systems. They provide significant performance gain to a very wide range of components and systems. The isolation bases load directly into the HRS racks as the shelf system. The frames optimize isolation base performance while offering unique flexibility and functionality. It is the last system you will ever need.

Keith Monks discOveryOne RCM

The new KM record cleaning machine arrived about 3 weeks ago and it is fantastic! It cleans records exactly as the larger units. There are  two versions available a all manual and a semi-automatic priced from a very reasonable $2495.00

LignoLab Equipment Support

LignoLab Equipment Support from Ligno Lab weighs in at over 170lbs, with solid wood construction and a unique air/spring damping mechanism that isolates the entire system and components to an astonishing 3Hz. Roomy enough to support 6 standard width/depth components. Available in Walnut and Maple.

Monks Omni RCM Mk.VII Record Cleaning Machine

'Omni' - RCM Mk.VII Record Cleaning Machine by Keith Monks. Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine with fully adjustable on-deck fluid distribution system and interchangeable brushes, for all records up to 12". A broadcast-archive standard precision machine, with enhanced single brush system and unique adjustable fluid application system. Features interchangeable deck-mounted brushes for 7", 10" and 12" records, and supplied with Keith Monks discOvery™ Precision Record Cleaning Brushes for 7" 45rpm singles, 10" LPs/78s, and 12" LP records. This is the most flexible Keith Monks RCM ever made.

Shindo Cables

Shindo Laboratory has been producing the finest home audio equipment for over thirty years. Handmade in Japan, Shindo has finally come to America. Shindo Laboratory was established in 1977 with one goal in mind, to create the best musical experience in the home. Ken Shindo and his wife Harumi have been hard at work six days a week for almost 30 years quietly designing and refining what they refer to as "The music mind". It takes more than just a degree from electronics school to create the highest level of realism from hi-fi; It takes passion, skill, an open mind and a life long quest for perfection.

AudioQuest Cables

AudioQuest cables have a mandate: to transmit a signal without changing it. Since 1978 we have been actively researching the mechanisms responsible for altering an audio or video signal as it travels through a cable. The better we understand these mechanisms, the more effectively we can minimize their harmful effects. We take the only reasonable approach: instead of trying to fix something after it is “broken”, we try to prevent it from breaking. Every AudioQuest cable, from the least to the most expensive, is designed to minimize change. The problems we seek to conquer are the same for all cables. We make so many models of AudioQuest cables in order to ensure financial compatibility. We are certain to have several models which are extremely cost-effective in your system, whether it’s a mini-rack system or state-of-the-art. The best cable is always the best cable, a difference you can hear on a boombox, but that does not mean that it’s cost effective to make such a match. AudioQuest, the company, manufactures cables using the brand names AudioQuest and Cinema- Quest.